The characters in Outpost Gypsy Tree will spark your imagination and draw you into their adventurous world. Known as light travelers, each teen has their own strengths and weaknesses. Each charged with their own desire for peace and love for humanity, their commitment to each other, their teachers and their mission deeply bond them.

Drew Megan Campbell

Born on a snowy Valentine’s Day in the County Meath, Ireland, Drew is fulfilling her destiny as the light travelers’ leader. As this fifteen-year-old frantically painted an enormous, mesmerizing tree and surrounding majestic scenery, she had no idea that she was actually going to see this place firsthand.

Patrick Campbell

We first meet Drew’s great grandfather, Grand, on the day of her birth. As a teenage boy with red hair and freckles, he’s confused when he is introduced to Drew at Outpost Gypsy Tree and she recognizes him as her Great-grandfather! The two become inseparable.

Aube and Gar Perez

These sixteen-year-old conjoined twins with black hair and almond-shaped amber eyes are from Lima, Peru. The boys are attached at the hip with Aube on the right and Gar on the left as you look at them straight on. Aube is the dreamer and the leaner of the two. Although more muscular, Gar tends to be fearful and worrisome. Aube, on the other hand, is excited to begin the strange journey to Outpost Gypsy Tree to actually witness the amazing place he has only dreamed of. Problem is, he can’t go unless Gar agrees….

Chelli “Little Bear” Freeman

A fourteen-year-old Athabaskan Native American from Fairbanks, Alaska, Chelli is charged by her deceased Great-Grandfather to represent her Dena’ina people at Outpost Gypsy Tree. She is fearless and easily recognizable with her large dark eyes and long silky black braid.

Penzil Kangaroo

Raised by kangaroos and Aboriginal tribesmen, Penzil spends his time showing international tourists around his beloved Australian Outback. This brilliant, fourteen-year-old Aborigine orphan has twinkling dark eyes, dark bushy hair and an adventurous spirit.